About Craft Mission:
My Original Business Card

It all started in the early 90s with a pair of cut off jean shorts I slapped neon puff paint on the morning of and submitted to be judged in the local fair. I won. Hard Cash. Add a few years, a husband, a daughter, a degree, a few too many stops at Jo-Ann Fabrics and every other craft store in a 100 mile radius, plus an addiction to thrift store shopping and voila. A dirt poor, in-debt for life college student surrounded by junk with an addiction to craft. What is a girl to do? In late 2010, I created Craft Mission. I just couldn't put all that "junk" into the dump.  It had been made into something useful once and I was determined to remake it into something useful again. Plus, I LOVE to make. I MUST make. So, rather than put ourselves in more debt buying craft supplies. I started crafting the "junk." Then, I did the unthinkable. I signed up for a craft fair.  And then, I collected my jaw from the floor.  People actually bought creations!

I am always making something.  At this moment, my yarn and needles sits next to the couch, my dining room table is covered in paint brushes and a giant box of beads sits in the corner.  I find great joy in bringing things together with thread, paint, glue, metal and creativity. When you use materials from attics, basements and thrift stores you never run out. I grow continually frustrated at cheaply made mass consumer goods and the lack of other options. Every piece I create has at least one element that is recycled or reused. That is the reason I create. Everything can be made new. There is art in all of creation.

My first show was the Unglued Craft Fest in Fargo, ND.  It was a great success! Thanks for everyone's support!

I post projects of new crafts I try to make before I sell them:

Vintage/Antique Recycled Lace Earrings
Flower Hair Clips
Gray Linen and Antique Lace

My ridiculous self.
My delightful Hubby.
Our delightful Che Che.
Our barefoot wedding.